Stupid things people say to somebody walking or running with their dog

Walking or running with a dog, you might get to enjoy all sorts of commentary from good-meaning people that becomes tedious, repeated, and annoying.


Out of breath after a long run:

Who’s walking who?

Shouldn’t it be ‘whom’?

While running past:

What’s the big rush?

Running 3+ miles will do that, try it sometime:

Boy, somebody’s panting hard.

With the dog pulling at the leash, probably because of said commentator:

Is that leash strong enough?

I’m not a ‘dog person’, I’m a ‘my dog person’:

Oh, you’re a dog person?

Just sign this waiver:

Can I (or my kids) pet your dog?

You also sign this waiver:

Is it ok if our dogs meet?

Does it matter?

Is it a boy or a girl dog?

And what ethnicity are you?

What breed of dog is it?

Is it because you’re lazy?

I wish I could have you walk my dog.

Activity with my dog is because I care about her. Do you care about your dog?

Coming from a random stranger, your tip carries a lot of weight:

Have you tried [random one-size-fits-all suggestion]?

The #1 Morale Killer

Even in my short time working full time, I can tell you one take away: The #1 Morale Killer. The top morale killer seems to be this:

Explain your organization’s financial troubles to its employees in such a way that they take ownership of the problem and wish to solve it. Then remove their ability to actively be involved in implementing solutions, real solutions, not just empty gestures like “feel free to send us any suggestions you might have”.

For example, if your organization is looking at a budget reduction for the upcoming years, employees may be looking for ways to cut costs. When another employee decides to purchase something that costs money, it is going to be scrutinized. If they’re buying a company car, they don’t need to buy the top of the line sports car they wish they owned personally when a 4-door sedan will do for half the price. When a computer is purchased and configured in such a way that it adds extra cost for minimal performance enhancement, it should be rejected and more cost effective hardware should be purchased.

I can see why people would want to work for themselves.